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A new weekend is almost here and we are starting with our compilation of free apps and games for a limited time called “Finding the Lost App”. iOSMac’s weekly space in a new edition. What does it talk about? Directly in the App Store discounts and free apps are offered, our goal is to bring you the most interesting for free.

Finding the lost app, informing you of free apps and games in the app store


We start the compilation with this adventure game. Panmorphia is a magical place ruled by the four elements of Earth. Sentinels, once in a generation of earthbound children, have the ability to wield the elements when needed and travel through the ether.

Explore Panmorphia and fulfill your amulet to fulfill your destiny. The game includes many puzzles to complete, two modes, a dynamic map, a hint system and an original soundtrack. It is compatible with iOS and iPadOS. Game worth €2.99.

plant light meter

Give your indoor plants a chance with the Plant Light Meter. Determine a location for a new houseplant and open the app. Then choose your plant from the list, fill the camera viewfinder with its illuminated leaves and press measure. The app will detect the amount of natural light received by the leaves and provide an intensity range.

If the plant is out of reach, move it to a new location and try again. Plant Light Meter also includes three measurement units, a southern hemisphere mode and a window mode. App worth 2.99 euros and compatible with iOS and iPadOS.

color pallet

No matter the task The color wheel will help you find the right color. It includes eight different tools: digital color wheel, classic color wheel, abstract color wheel, color picker, color mix, shades, grayscale and golden ratio.

All tools include the ability to bookmark favorite colors and combinations, which can be retrieved and sorted. Compatible with iOS and iPadOS. App worth 1.99 euros.

Free apps and games for everyone, Sync Flashlight

Sync Flashlight With Others is a unique flashlight app. It lets you sync brightness and strobe with other iPhones. The simple interface makes it easy to sync lights and use swipe gestures to control brightness and strobe intensity.

It is compatible with the defunct 3D Touch and VoiceOver. It’s a fun app to use when you go out with your family and friends. App worth 1.99 euros. Compatible with iOS exclusively.

To finish compiling free apps and games, level up Panmorphia

In this set of adventures, also in the Panmorphia universe, you will head to the lost temple to enchant the amulet. This will evolve your powers and allow you to switch freely between the four elemental forms.

The game includes a dynamic map, a hint system, an original soundtrack and lots of puzzles to complete similar to other Panmorphia games. Game worth 1.99 euros compatible with iOS and iPadOS.

What do you think? Don’t forget that every weekend we will have a new compilation of free apps and games for a limited time. You’ll find the best current content, reviews, and tutorials right here on iOSMac.

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