Fandom Games for Good raises magical $2,000 for charity


MuggleNet’s Fandom Games for Good ended earlier this week, and in addition to bringing joy to the days between Christmas and New Years, over $2,000 was raised for charities important to our community.

The first of our Wizarding World themed games inspired by iconic game shows was muggle match. Participate in this magical version of the muggle world Matching game has been Potter former film students James Payton (Frank Longbottom), Ellie Darcey-Alden (young Lily Potter) and Rohan Gotobed ​​(young Sirius Black). They were joined by fandom makers Flick Miles (Hermione Granger lookalike and host of behind the wand), Mike Schubert (Without potter) and Andy Miller (Puffs).

During a hilarious game in which incorrect answers included “Vengaboys”, “Good hair days!” and “Parse (but delete one letter)”, the panel attempted to help audience members in the main viewing room win prizes. Throughout the game, those watching in the viewing room and live on Facebook donated to support the Transgender Law Center – the largest national organization run by trans people advocating self-determination for all.

The second game in the series was Peeves!a magical twist on Peril! As the public continued to raise money for the Transgender Law Center, three contestants performed for charities of their choice to win a donation from Fandom Games for Good sponsors SuperCarlinBrothers. Fandom writer and creator Katie Aiani performed to raise money for The Trevor Project, host of Swish and Flick Meg Petras for the charity GLSEN, and cosplayer and content creator Kari Lewis for GLAAD. Peeves! special guest Nadia Brown, who plays Rose Granger-Weasley in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child on Broadway, asking about the Weasley family.

While Peeves himself may have wreaked havoc in the tech department, the game quickly ran smoothly and contestants showed their Potter awareness. Covering categories such as ‘Chapter Book’, ‘Rhyme Time’, ‘Dumbledore’, ‘Book, Movie, Both or Neither’ and ‘Where in the Wizarding World’, the game has seen frequent changes to the table of leaders with everything to play for in the final Peeves! The category for this final round was aptly titled “The Weapon We Have is Love”, and Katie Aiani took the crown with a total of 8,000 points and a donation to the Trevor Project.

Fandom Games for Good has ended with a spin on the classic daytime trivia game family quarrel. Fandom feud saw two teams go head-to-head over two matches to win donations for their charity of choice, courtesy of Fandom Games for Good sponsor SuperCarlinBrothers.

The PostCast team consisted of Stephen Stout (Puffs producer and actor), Cory (The Daily Prophet), Terrance Pinkston (Radio Hogwarts), Trey (IAmBlackHarry) and Katie Petras (Swish and Flick). PostCast was playing to win a donation for the French LGBTQ+ association Le Refuge. Opposite them was the Blast-Ended Buds team, consisting of Matt Cox (Puffs playwright), Micah Tannenbaum (Muggle Cast), Corina (The Magical Latina), Tylor Starr (The Protego Foundation) and Zack (Gays of Universal). Blast-Ended Buds were playing to win a donation for the Zebra Coalition, an Orlando-based network that provides services to LGBTQ+ youth.

After guessing the most popular responses to statements such as “A magic candy you wouldn’t like to try” and “A spell Harry uses that isn’t the disarm charm,” the first Fandom Feud game was won by PostCast. The second game had everyone talking about their responses to “Which Hogwarts student would you like to punch in the face” but was ultimately won by Blast-Ended Buds. Both teams received charitable donations in recognition of their victories.

At the end of Fandom Games for Good, a total of $1,203 was donated by JustGiving and Instagram viewers for Transgender Law Center. Combined with the amount generously donated by SuperCarlinBrothers to the winning players’ and team’s charities, over $2,000 was raised for worthy causes.

Thank you to all Games for Good attendees, members of the public in the main viewing room and on Facebook, and everyone who donated to the fundraiser. Special thanks to SuperCarlinBrothers for generously sponsoring the event.

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