Everyone should be playing with this 80s paint app


When I first started using computers as a child, I naturally turned to creating weird designs and weird shapes in Microsoft Paint.. But there were a ton of apps that were popular before that.

Programmer Vikrum Nijjar resurrected one of them called Kid Pix in a browser window. The app was originally released for Mac in 1989. If the name doesn’t sound familiar to you, it might be because the app predated your time (and mine): it was originally released for Mac in 1989.

Kid Pix works like any other old paint app with options for different types of pencils, brushes, shapes with textures. But every time you draw or perform an action, the app makes weird and funny sounds.

One of my favorite tools is called the electric mixer. It allows you to apply awesome effects to anything you have drawn and make it a little more artistic. Check out my masterpiece created from the app after applying the “lollipop” and “pancake stack” effects. Worthy of NFT. Do not you think?

Credit: Kid Pix
The beautiful art I created in the new Kid Pix web app

You can also save your work and share it with your friends.

I recently started with adult coloring books and find any type of drawing soothing. So this app can help you distract yourself from the woes of the world for a few minutes.

You can try the app here. And if you are a programmer and want to modify it with your own stuff, the code for the app is available on GitHub.

If you need me after hours, I’ll be at my desk creating more artwork.

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