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Sunday is National Coloring Book Day.

To thank essential workers around the world, we’ve created this coloring page that you can download, print and color at home.

Right click and select “Save Image As …” to download.


National Coloring Book Day

National Coloring Book Day was established by Dover Publications in 2015. The registrar of the National Day Calendar has chosen August 2 as the observed day each year to celebrate.

Painting books

As pencils were not invented until the early 1900s, the first coloring books were painted and produced for the wealthy and for artists.

A printing revolution

Lithography was invented in 1796, and by the 1850s was a common process in the United States. This printing method was cheaper, faster and easier, making books accessible to everyone.

Something for everyone, young and old

In 1879, “The Little Folks’ Painting Book” was published. It is considered to be the first coloring book for children. Coloring books quickly became the mainstay of education and entertainment. from the early to mid-1900s, pencils became popular and were less messy than paint. in 2010, coloring books for adults became more popular, and now all ages can have fun.

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