Disney’s new coloring book app aims to bring out your inner child


In the past, coloring books were mostly for kids who needed to pass the time. Lately, however, some adults who may have too much free time are getting into the coloring craze. The rise of adult coloring books, with their more detailed illustrations, has now extended to mobile apps. Disney has officially launched the new Color by Disney app for Android on the Google Play Store in hopes of following this trend.

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The app will allow users to color designs of famous Disney animated characters from movies like Frozen, The Lion King and many more. The app has a ton of different colors to use so your favorite character can have their own unique look, and you can choose from your choice of pens, including pencil, crayon, and markers. It also allows users to add gradients and additional filters in their colorful illustrations. Of course, once you’re done, the app lets you share your coloring work with others via social media.

The Color by Disney app, while free to download and use, will require a paid subscription to unlock new content and updates. Disney charges $2.99 ​​for one week of access, $7.99 for one month, or $39.99 for a full year.


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