Different types of online puzzle games you need to know


Puzzle games have grown in popularity over the past couple of years. The increase in the variety of these online games has led many gamers to spend their time playing.

It’s not everyday you want to play easy puzzle games. Sometimes you want to challenge your mind and your abilities. You want to find games that you can enjoy and hang out with. Free sudoku games are a reliable bet if you are looking to play some enjoyable games.

Challenge yourself with different types of sudoku games

Did you know there is more to sudoku puzzle games than your ordinary newspaper puzzles? Different configurations, images, colors and numbers make puzzles that challenge you more than your typical puzzle games.

Types of Online Sudoku Games to Consider

If you’re wondering, there are different kinds of sudoku types to consider. And they go from the hardest to the easiest. These include:

Nonogram is an addictive picture cross and comes with a huge collection of griddlers.

This is an easy to play number puzzle. It forces you to use logic to reveal pixel art images.

The game has a clean design and has features that make the game exciting. You can have fun solving nonogram puzzles anywhere, anytime.

Nonogram puzzles keep you active. You can choose your level of difficulty and enjoy building a unique collection of nonograms.

If you’re looking for a game that will help you break away from your daily routine, Nonograms is for you. You can enjoy it on your device, be it a tablet or a phone.

Some of the best features of nonogram puzzles include:

  • Many puzzles with non-repeating pictures to color.
  • Different difficulty levels
  • Seasonal events and updates that ensure you don’t miss any event
  • Daily challenges to earn crowns and collect them
  • Tournaments where you can compete with other players
  • Tips to help you when you get stuck
  • Rules to help you play the game in the best way
  • Pixel art: color by number

Color by number games will help you melt away your stress and have fun. This gives you leeway to create your pixel art while you relax.

Pixel art coloring games are loved and enjoyed by gamers all over the world. You can select a wide range of artwork and fascinating colors by number while you have fun.

Whether you like color by number games to relax or reduce stress, you’ll love these paint games!

Reasons why you must love pixel art coloring games

  • Number coloring is easy to play. All you have to do is browse the images and touch a color number. Then start painting the pictures.
  • Pixel art coloring games have over 15,000 images to choose from, including unicorns, mandalas, and flowers. Also, you can enjoy the games at different difficulty levels.
  • You can discover new and unique coloring games daily. This means you will never run out of these to play with.
  • You can get unique bonuses during important seasons, festivals and holidays. You can also build your picture collection from popular coloring topics such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and many more.
  • You can enjoy a fun 3D coloring experience and share time-lapse videos at the touch of a button.
  • You can use coloring boosters to help you color detailed pictures.
  • Plus, coloring games provide a perfect way to unwind and relax. Since you have full control, you can choose where to color by number and when to start or finish. All you have to do is grab your phone or tablet and color in any day, any time.
  • Pixel art coloring games are the perfect therapy for stress and anxiety. They allow you to release your inner artist and enjoy stress-relieving painting games.

The puzzles are addictive and easy to play. They allow you to relax, get down and have fun. You can spend hours putting together puzzles.

These puzzles are loved by millions of people around the world. They help you pass the time and have fun.

The puzzles include many beautiful free pictures of different difficulty levels. You can choose what you prefer depending on your expert level.

You also get exclusive content pieces when you complete a puzzle, and you can spend the same on exclusive puzzles and collections.

Mystery puzzles challenge you to reveal what’s hidden in a picture. And you can enjoy an updated gallery so you never run out of puzzles to play.

You also get helpful hints that will help you match puzzle pieces and custom backgrounds that let you choose your favorite look as you play.

If you’re looking to make your days relaxing, entertaining, and fun, try solving a puzzle.

Blockudoku is a combination of sudoku and block puzzle games. As the name suggests, it is unique yet fun and challenging at the same time.

All you have to do with the game is complete cubes and lines to remove them. And be sure to keep your board clean and beat your high score. The game allows you to test your IQ and think outside the box.

Some of the features of this game include:

  • Blocks of different shapes composed of cubes on the board to destroy it and keep it clean
  • Daily challenges where you can compete and get unique trophies
  • Seasonal events where you can get unique animated postcards
  • Tournaments that allow you to compete against other blockudoku players. Here you try to beat your high score, thus climbing the leaderboard
  • Color themes where you can choose between a classic wooden block puzzle and a minimalist cube block.
  • Goals that allow you to challenge your IQ.
  • Combos that allow you to play the block puzzle by destroying several tiles with a single blow.
  • Series in which you can destroy elements in a few consecutive hits
  • Unique mechanics since it is a combination of block puzzle games and sudoku
  • Addictive gameplay that you can play whenever you get bored. And challenge your mind.
  • Sudoku puzzle games offer many benefits to players. It is an exciting game and will boost your moods. It will also improve your problem-solving skills, improve your productivity, and help you stay active.
  • Blockudoku will also increase your creativity and help you stay active.

Final Thoughts

Player free sudoku games on your favorite devices! The best part is that you can challenge yourself anywhere, anytime. What’s more, you can enjoy the game on the go and experience unlimited fun all day long.


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