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Back in April, I reviewed Dogmight’s Valhalla GM screen. Valhalla screens look beautiful and are available with two-dimensional and three-dimensional engraving. However, your options are somewhat limited to the current designs they have available, unless you’re a graphic designer (or have access to one) to customize the artwork.

For game masters looking to have more hands-on control over the look of their GM display, Dog Might has developed the Infinity Display. Using the Infinity Screen Viewer, you can choose from dozens of artworks, adjusting the colors of each element.

What is the Infinity Display?

The Infinity Display is a magnetically connected 3-panel display made from hardwood. Unlike the Valhalla GM display, which consists of three to four identically sized panels, the Infinity display has two 11.75″ X 9″ side panels, with a 20″ X 9″ center panel. Like the Valhalla, the Infinity Screen has a magnetic system compatible with all of the same accessories. Infinity Display prices start at $595.

The Viewer

The first step in designing your Infinity Display is to launch The Visualizer, which is a web-based design application. In the app, you will be able to choose background, foreground and framing elements. You will also have the choice between 100 colors for these elements. A little warning: even if you already have a very clear concept for a screen in your mind, you’ll still be spending a lot of time in The Visualizer, swapping different images and agonizing over the exact shade of blue you want for the scale of this dragon.

A beginning strahd pattern. Image by Paul Benson.

One of the first models I tried was that of a Curse of Strahd country. The central design element of the Infinity Screen is the BBEG, or “Big Bad Evil Guy”. There are currently 12 different BBEGs to choose from.

With the imminent release of J&D campaign box Spelljammer: Adventures in Space, I decided to do something more suited to this campaign setting. One of the iconic villains of spell scrambler is the Illithid, aka the Mind Flayer. And one of those 12 BBEGs just happens to be one! As you can see, I ran through a few different concepts for this particular screen:

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In the end, I opted for a design and colors that I liked. I chose to forgo the sigils on the side screens; even though they told a concept story of the mind flayer controlling the minions, to me it made the screen a bit too busy. I then submitted the design to Dogmight for design.

The final design. Image by Paul Benson.

I was left with only one final decision, however: whether the color patches should be in “Comic Style”, which most closely replicates what appears in The Visualizer, or “Artistic Blending”, which gives artisans the artistic freedom to create gradients. Having already seen how nice artistic mixing is with my Valhalla GM screen, I took this option. However, be aware that when purchasing the Infinity Screen, the art mix option will increase the cost of the screen by $100.

The SCRY system

SCRY stands for “See the results of crafting yourself”. This is an automated system by which Dog Might Games keeps customers up to date on every phase of the manufacture of their screens and accessories.

I already detailed this system in my review of the Valhalla GM screen, so you can refer there for more details. In short, you’ll receive regular, detailed updates via email as your screen goes through every stage of production, from cutting the wood to when the screen is shipped to you.

Everything that came in my shipment. Image by Paul Benson.

The infinite screen

As with any Dogmight Games product, my Infinity Screen came in a fairly large box, as each piece was extremely well protected with bubble wrap. Here is an overview of what I got:

The BBEG itself. Image by Paul Benson.

First, the central panel. You can see all the nice gradations in the coloring which really help the images pop.

The magnetic back of the central panel. Image by Paul Benson.

The backs of all panels have been given a “galaxy” coloring. They all also have built-in magnets to attach the various accessories that come with the screen and can be purchased separately. Here are the other two panels:

A set of ruins for a side panel. Image by Paul Benson.
Islands floating in Wildspace. Image by Paul Benson.

As with the Valhalla screen, the Infinity Screen panels connect using magnets and metal rods, so you can adjust the angles of the side screens.

Attachment of one of the metal rods which acts as a hinge. Image by Paul Benson.

One of the nice touches added by Dogmight was the GeekDad logo in the corner of one of the side panels. They can do custom engraving on the back panels of any display for an additional cost.

The engraved GeekDad robots. Image by Paul Benson.

The Infinity Display comes with 1 large and 2 small plexiglass panels with built-in magnets and plexiglass initiative trackers that fit securely into a groove at the top of the screen. Panels let you use dry-erase markers to make annotations on maps or other sheets. There are also multiple ball bearings for magnetically pinning objects to the back of the screen.

Plexiglas panels. Image by Paul Benson.

Dogmight also included some fun surprises with my screen. One of them was a small plexiglass cutout of my BBEG, the mind flayer.

Hey Illithid! Image by Paul Benson.

The other was a dice tower matching the mind flayer of my design! This was a particularly nice bonus, as I can still enjoy my design from the GM seat while my players watch the BBEG from the front.

Dice tower and side dish. Image by Paul Benson.

And here it all comes together. As I noted earlier, all accessories that work with the Vanguard GM Display will work with the Infinity Display, so you can mix and match as needed.

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To infinity and beyond!

When I review TTRPG products like the Infinity Display, the part of the review that often causes a lump in readers’ throats is the price. But there are two important factors to remember in this regard.

First off, with the Infinity Display, you’re talking about a meticulously crafted bespoke item. And each screen made by Dogmight Games will be a unique piece. Even if you managed to choose the exact same artwork and colors as someone else, the fact that the screens are hand dyed will give you a finished product that no one else will have.

The second point is more for readers who don’t play tabletop RPGs. For many, Dungeons & Dragons, or another TTRPG of choice, is a lifestyle game. Thanks in large part to the pandemic, I played J&D at least once a week. Suddenly, the investment in an item like the Infinity Display doesn’t seem that high, when put in that context.

If you’re playing an RPG campaign from start to finish, you’re not just talking about months but often years to complete the campaign. With the Infinity Screen, you will have a screen suitable for the campaign you plan to guide the adventuring party during this time. Personally, I can’t wait to receive my copy of Spelljammer: Adventures in Space soon, so I can use my Infinity Display while running the included adventure mod.

Anyone need an evil wizard? Image by Paul Benson.

The Infinity Display has all the features of the Valhalla GM Display, but that oversized center panel provides plenty of welcome space to have your most important GM notes and documents right in front of you. In addition, the BBEG will observe your players during each session, reminding them of the ultimate stakes of your campaign. The swipe system works really well, letting you add accessories and quickly swap cards, boards, and stat blocks on your screen.

Dogmight Games has created another fantastic screen for Game Masters. All of their craftsmanship and attention to detail is on full display with the Infinity Display, but this time they’re letting GM take the driver’s seat and customize nearly every detail of the screen. It’s a great addition to their collection of finely crafted wooden play accessories, and one that I’m sure will make many GMs happy.

For more information or to make a purchase, visit the Dogmight Games Infinity Screen page!

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Disclosure: GeekDad received an Infinity Display for review.

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