Crayola Expands Digital Experiences Partnership with Red Games Co.


Crayola announced an expanded partnership with Red Games Co., a mobile game studio focused on creating games and experiences for a multigenerational family audience.

Crayola began working closely with Red Games Co. as the developer of the Crayola Create and Play app, which debuted at # 1 in the Apple Arcade. Red Games Co. will now take over the day-to-day management of the app as a licensed partner. They will continue to work closely with Crayola to develop innovative and safe creative experiences rooted in the principles of child development.

From coloring to coding and everything in between, the Crayola Create and Play app lets kids make their mark in new ways. Whether kids create masterpieces with precise skin tone colors and various award-winning coloring pages from Crayola, learn with games inspired by STEAM and STEM educational principles, or take care of their own pets, parents can be confident that their children are in a safe space that promotes their development. With frequent and consistent updates adding content, events, activities, videos and more, there is always something new to keep kids ages 3-8 engaged.

“We are incredibly proud of Crayola Create and Play, of what the app represents and the incredible experience it offers to young audiences. Said Brian Lovell, Founder and CEO of Red Games. “It’s a safe space where kids can develop their creative confidence, solve problems, practice self-expression, play games and just have fun. And there is a lot more to come! We continue to work closely with the Crayola team as they expand their brand to high-quality, sustainable digital experiences for children. It is an honor to be their partner!

“Crayola strives to help parents and educators creatively raise living children,” said Warren Schorr, vice president of business development and global licensing, Crayola. “We are excited to extend our partnership with Red Games Co., a family developer, and extend this mission beyond the page and into the digital lives of children with the same quality and security for which Crayola is. known. Red Games has been a great partner in helping us develop Create & Play from the start.

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