Coloring book created to promote and protect Florida’s wildlife


ST. PETERSBURG, Fla – A Tampa Bay area woman with a talent for drawing, a love for nature and a passion for education decided to combine the three. What she came up with was her own children’s coloring book, “Color Your Way Through Wild Florida”.

From alligators to snakes to birds, if it’s in Florida, there’s a good chance it’s in Kelly Quinn’s book as well.

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“During the pandemic, we created the coloring book to introduce kids and families to the Florida wilderness so they can enjoy it for themselves,” Quinn said.

There are over 70 pages of illustrations showcasing native Florida animals and habitats, along with accompanying facts.

Quinn just doesn’t try to educate; she works to protect. Ten percent of all proceeds from the book will go to the Florida Wildlife Corridor.

“We have explored a number of different avenues to use this book as a tool to bring homes, families and classrooms into the corridor experience,” said Jason Lauritsen of the Florida Wildlife Corridor.

The nonprofit organization works to promote and preserve 17 million acres of land across the state.

“I am very fortunate to have this opportunity to work in conservation and to work with so many people and organizations who care so deeply about the same things as I do,” said Quinn.

Quinn said she’s still as excited to spot an alligator now as she was when she was five, and hopes that excitement continues through the pages of the book.

“I hope this coloring book inspires families and children to get out there and explore their local habitats such as a local state park or reserve,” Quinn said.

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