Coloring Book Brings Syracuse Woman’s Late Brother’s Legacy To Life


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SYRACUSE, NY (WSYR-TV) – A grieving Syracuse woman has decided to do something positive with her pain. She used her late brother’s illustrations to publish an adult coloring book on September 1, the start of Suicide Prevention Month.

“He always said he escaped in an eight-by-ten piece of paper when the going got tough,” said Diane Bostick, curator and creator of the coloring book.

Bostick’s brother Chris committed suicide in 2019. Diane was left with memorabilia and around 2,700 drawings.

Chris was an artist and weightlifter, so his drawings focused on muscles and maniacs, the inspiration for the name of the book.

“My brother had gone as far as he could go and then he lost feeling in his fingers and he decided his quality of life was just not going to be there to do the thing he was passionate about, but I I’m like, why stop the passion and the love, keep it up,” Bostick said.

Amid the pandemic, as people lose jobs and loved ones, Bostick wants his brother’s gift to help others find escape with every image they bring to life.

“I hope it’s a doorway for people to understand that what’s left is what…people represented their love for you,” she said.

As a survivor of domestic violence, Bostick will donate a portion of proceeds from the coloring book to Vera House to help ensure other survivors have a safe place to go.

The other half of its proceeds will go to Hope for Bereaved to help those grieving.

To purchase the coloring book, click here.


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