Color by Disney is a new adult coloring app from Disney


His films are loved by young and old alike, so it’s only natural that Disney’s latest creation transcends age as well. Adult coloring books have become a trend in recent months, and as the monarch in the power of the intersection of adult sensibility and childhood nostalgia, Disney has now stepped into the game. This week , the company launched Color by Disney, a new app that combines adult coloring books with technology. Truly the trifecta: your youth, your creativity and your smartphone.

Whether you are nine or 99, if you are an (aspiring) artist, you will be able to use Color by Disney. The models include popular characters from the Disney and Pixar movies, as well as some of the most iconic scenes from your favorite movies. Whether you are part of the new generation that grew up with Frozen, or prefer old school kick it with The Lion King Where The little Mermaid, There is something for every taste. Pixar is represented with films like Courageous and Monsters Inc.

While this certainly sounds like something young people would love, Disney is pretty clear in its marketing approach – it’s something that means more to parents than it does to kids. By pushing the idea that coloring can help relieve stress, Disney is hoping mom and dad can forget about the trials and tribulations of parenthood long enough to want to take their kids to another animated film.

Of course, the Disney app is nothing particularly new. Just choose your pattern, your drawing tool (be it a pencil, pencil or marker), your favorite shades, and then move on to coloring. And to give it that extra Disney touch, you can finish your masterpiece with pixie dust. Once you’re done, you can use social media to share your creation – the app connects to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

While the app itself is free, you can pay to subscribe and get unlimited access to the Disney art collection. Available through an in-app purchase, you can get a week of collection access for $ 3, a month for $ 8, or a year for $ 40. Discover Color by Disney on the Apple App Store, Google Play Store and Windows App Store.

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