Canva adapts to content trends and launches in-app video editor


The consumption of video content is on the rise and graphic design platform Canva has taken notice. The $ 40 billion Australian startup has entered the video business and announced the launch of its video editor, Canva Video Suite.

End-to-end video editor is an easy-to-use platform that anyone, regardless of skill level, can create, edit, and record high quality videos. Best of all, it’s free and available on desktop and mobile platforms.

The tool contains hundreds of editable templates that you can use to create videos for multiple online platforms such as TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. Some templates can be used for creating professional and professional videos, while other templates are great for home videos. There are some fun themes you can use to create that spooky video just in time for Halloween or make a popping video to send to your best friend! With a wide range of selections, you’ll be starting to create your own video masterpiece in no time with Canva.

What else does video software offer and what can you do with it? Well let me tell you:

Collaborate in real time

It’s important that everyone is on the same page, and Canva’s video suite takes that into account. To collaborate with others, all you need to do is send them an invite, and together you can edit videos, manage resources, and leave comments to give feedback.

Editing the video timeline and recording in the app

Similar to creating presentation slides, Canva’s Scene Editor simplifies video editing using a timeline approach. With it, you can quickly rearrange, crop, crop and stitch your videos. Additionally, users do not need to leave the platform to save this last minute snapshot; in the app, you can film and record yourself from a camera or screen.

Asset library

The video editor is filled with a range of stock footage without watermark, icons, images, illustrations, and even audio tracks for you to choose from – but if you really need something that is not on their platform – you can upload your own image, video or audio track.

Animate with ease

While still in the process of being published, you will soon be able to add animations to both text and visuals with just a few clicks. Among other things, animation presets that fade, move and tumble will help you transform your video and take it to a whole new level.

Overall, Canva Video Suite is very intuitive and has all the essentials you need to create a video. And by streamlining the video creation process, Canva makes sure to enter the video market with flying colors.

“One of Canva’s guiding principles is to keep complex things simple, and our new video suite will allow everyone to harness the power of video, whether it’s promoting their business, publishing on social networks or expressing creativity, ”said Rob Kawalsky, Product Manager at Canva.


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