Bristol police create ‘K9 Brody’ coloring book


BRISTOL, RI – The Bristol Police Department has created a coloring book for kids, based on everyone’s favorite officer: K9 Brody.

The chocolate Labrador has captured the hearts of the public since arriving in the department in April 2020. Brody gained national and international attention when the department released a video of his swearing-in ceremony, where the then little puppy dozed off on Chef Kevin Lynch. office.

“Brody has become the unofficial ambassador for the city of Bristol,” said city administrator Steve Contente. “He is known in the community for his calm and friendly nature, and the service Brody provides to our residents exemplifies the tradition of community policing delivered by the men and women of the Bristol Police Service.”

Bristol-Warren School Resources Manager Keith Medeiros worked with Lynch to develop a K9 therapy and comfort program with Brody, visiting schools throughout the district. Medeiros has since worked with neighboring communities to create similar programs.

Brody’s popularity led the department to create a coloring book based on the beloved puppy. He and Medeiros will visit all the primary schools in the area to share the book with the students.

“This coloring book will go a long way in introducing Brody to school-aged children and will reinforce the principles of leadership, teamwork, bullying awareness and most importantly, will open the door for young victims to come forward. feel comfortable speaking with a counselor or a trusted adult to express what has happened, “said Medeiros. “The most rewarding part of my job is seeing this kid who’s afraid to talk lay down on the floor and give Brody a big hug.”

Chief Lynch said the department’s K9 program “has exceeded all expectations and has become a hallmark of the Bristol Police Department, and I couldn’t be happier with our continued achievements”.

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