Best Christmas coloring book for kids


Which Christmas coloring book for kids is the best?

A great way to keep the kids occupied during the holidays is to have fun Christmas coloring books. They can immerse themselves in the season by coloring famous people and decorating the home or classroom with their creations. You can even cut out the images to turn them into ornaments or add them to Christmas countdown calendars.

Christmas coloring books can vary widely in quality and number of pages. The best coloring book with the most pages is the My big first Christmas book delivered.

What to know before buying a Christmas coloring book for children

age range

Some coloring books are better suited for younger or older children. Coloring books for older children will often contain more detail or puzzles, while books for smaller ones will have larger illustrations with fewer lines so they don’t have to be cramped.

How do you want to use them

After your children have finished coloring the pages, there are a number of things you can do with them. If you want to put them on the fridge, it doesn’t matter if there is a picture on the front and back. If you want to frame them or use them to decorate, you might want to get a book with one-sided pages in order to get the most out of your money. Otherwise, the colors could pierce and ruin the other side.

Coloring tools

If your child enjoys coloring with markers, you may want to get them some books with paper that is thick enough to keep them from bleeding. Markers can be a lot of fun to use because of how bright they are on the page. Colored pencils are great for precision, but they don’t always appear so clearly on the page. Ordinary pencils works well on all types of coloring books.

What to look for in a quality Christmas coloring book for kids


Most Christmas coloring books feature basic holiday images such as trees, gifts, Santa and his reindeer, and snowmen. You can find more specialized ones that have specific themes, such as the North Pole, religious stories or the winter wonderland. You can also find coloring books based on Disney movies and classic Christmas movies. If your child has a favorite holiday feature, you might be able to find a coloring book inspired by that one. The completed pages can make great decorations for their room.


Some coloring books included written narration that walks you through the scenes in the book. Older children who can read will likely appreciate this more than younger children who are still learning to read, but it can be a great way to give them some practice. You can also read it with them to make it a fun family activity. Theme books will often follow the same storyline they are based on or an abbreviated version that fits into the pages.

Paper quality

The pages of your coloring book should not bleed too much or tear too easily. While most coloring books don’t last longer than a season, you can find larger ones that are thick enough and durable enough that you can save the memories without too much stress. The last thing you want is for your child’s artwork to tear in their hands. As a general rule, the cheaper the book, the lower the quality of the paper.

How much you can expect to spend on a Christmas coloring book for kids

Most coloring books cost between $ 5 and $ 10, but you can find cheaper ones at dollar stores. There are also giant coloring books which are a bit more expensive.

Christmas coloring books faq

Are Christmas Coloring Books Good For The Classroom?

If you work at a school that encourages celebrating the holidays in the classroom, you can easily photocopy the sheets to make them last longer so everyone can do a project with them.

What can you use completed coloring pages for?

The opportunities are endless, it just depends on your creativity. You can use finished coloring pages to make decorations for gifts, paper chain, and ornaments. You can use your child’s artwork in keepsake boxes or decorate your desk.

What’s the best Christmas coloring book for kids to buy?

Best Christmas coloring book for kids

My big first Christmas book

What would you like to know: A giant book filled with almost 200 pages of Christmas fun.

What you will love: This coloring book features thick stock pages that won’t bleed. The hand-illustrated artwork is classic winter imagery. Thick lines are ideal for poor eyesight and small hands. It comes from a consistent brand.

What you should consider: Although the pages are of good quality, they do not tear very easily.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

Best Christmas coloring book for kids for money

The Ultimate Christmas Coloring Book

The Ultimate Christmas Coloring Book

What would you like to know: This coloring book contains 50 pages of classic Christmas images.

What you will love: It has one-sided pages for easy use. The paper is thick enough to avoid the stress of bleeding when using markers. It’s bigger than a lot of other coloring books. Downloadable bonus pages are included with an online code.

What you should consider: Image quality is inconsistent and not as advanced as some customers expected.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

To check

Christmas coloring book for children

Christmas coloring book for children

What would you like to know: Fifty classic pages for ages 4 to 8 with dot-to-dot games included.

What you will love: This coloring book has one-sided pages to prevent leaks. It makes an excellent Christmas stocking. There are large images with little detail for easy use for the youngest. The images have a varying level of difficulty for gradual progression.

What you should consider: The designs are fairly basic and not as detailed as some customers would have liked.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

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