Announcement of the final venues and dates for the 2022 IQA Continental Games


In November, the International Quidditch Association (IQA) announced the finalists for the 2022 IQA Continental Games bid along with the tournament dates.

The IQA Continental Games are among the most prestigious Muggle quidditch tournaments. The IQA European Games is the biggest tournament of all the IQA Continental Games, with probably around 20 teams in attendance, and it will be held for the fourth time. The IQA Pan American Games will only be held for the second time and the IQA expects between four and ten teams to participate.

The 2022 IQA Pan Am Games finalists are both in South America. One of them is Lima, Peru, and the other is São Paulo, Brazil. Other potential offers were Querétaro and Ixtapa, Mexico, and another in Lima, Peru. The IQA would like to thank them all for their interest and efforts.

After the Event Bid Evaluation Team visited all venues and assessed them, discussions took place between the Event Bid Evaluation Team, all IQA Department Managers and the IQA Board of Directors until they select the winning bid. This is Lima, Peru, and the event will take place July 8-10.

In November, the IQA chose Limerick, Ireland as the venue for the European Games, but no date has been announced. The IQA committee wanted to wait until the venue was chosen for the Pan American Games and decided to announce them both now. The IQA European Games will take place from July 22-24. Seven weeks after Division 1 of the Quidditch European Cup, which will be held at the same place.

For the IQA, the health and safety of all athletes, volunteers and spectators remains the top priority. IQA is monitoring all restrictions and impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic situation. There is a chance that, this time, the IQA Continental Games will not be canceled, like in 2021 before the final venues were announced. We can take this announcement of the venues for the 2022 IQA Continental Games as a sign that this year’s tournaments will take place.

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