All cars in the pilgrimage city will be tagged on the Trichakra app


Tirupati: In view of the safety of passengers, the city police introduced the Trichakra mobile application for booking cars in the city. This app allows police to identify auto-rickshaw details, people involved in crashes and any other crime.

The owner of the auto rickshaw must enter the details of the auto by uploading the recording and other copies into the app which will be available in Play Store. The relevant police will come and check the documents to generate the police identification number and QR code.

This is the first time in the state that QR codes have been generated by the police for individual auto-rickshaws. The owner must also enter the details of the car driver and the details of his license.

If there is a change in the autopilot, the owner must reenter the details of the new faultless autopilot. If this is not done, they will face huge penalties and sometimes officials can seize the car as well. The police service offers free registration of the application in a first phase and will be charged later. If a car owner or driver has not registered their details within the next month, they will be punished and their car will be placed on the suspect list.

Thus, each car must be registered. To get passengers, the driver or car owner must be in online mode, which will be indicated in green, which will convey the message that he will receive calls for car rental.

People need to download the Trichakra Citizen app to their mobile from the Play Store and can log in after entering OTP validation. They can see the “Nearby” button and by clicking on it, they can reserve a car immediately. The public who rent a car online must scan the QR code stuck in the car and can share the full details of the car rental with family members and known people.

Citizens can also share the same with the police to get their help if needed. For the police, any police personnel must download the Trichakra app and can log in by entering their cell phone number.

A member of the police staff can get all the details of the car or its driver by scanning the driver’s QR code or cell phone number, car number or police generated identification number.

Urban SP Ch Venkata Appala Naidu held an outreach program in a reception hall in Tirupati on Monday and explained the details of the application, including uploading, uploading documents, obtaining the ID number of the police and QR code. He wanted all car owners and drivers to register their contact details without fail by downloading the app.

He said that there are many automotive mobile apps across the country, but the QR code system was first introduced in AP in the urban district of Tirupati.

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