Air Force Launches Falcon Rewards Fan Loyalty App


Air Force Athletics announced the launch of a new partnership with SuperFan, one of the leading loyalty and fan engagement companies, to launch a new mobile app called Falcon Rewards. The Falcon Rewards app will allow fans to earn points based on participation in Air Force Athletics games and events. Fans will be able to use these points to win prizes and exclusive Air Force Athletics experiences.

“We are constantly looking for opportunities to improve the fan experience at Falcon Athletic events,” said the athletic director. Nathan Pin. “The feedback showed that there is interest in recognizing and creatively rewarding our most ardent fans who attend games and the SuperFan team have introduced a platform to help us do just that.”

The app will also provide other information to fans, including sports team schedules, promotional offers and the ability to share photos via a “fan camera”. A leaderboard feature is also included to fuel a friendly competition among Falcon fans. The social module will allow users to stay up to date with all the various social media accounts supported by Air Force Athletics.

Falcon Rewards can be downloaded for free from the Apple Store or Google Play online stores.

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