8 Best Hidden Object Games


hidden object games are casual puzzle adventures where players must find hidden objects in scenes. Images where items are hidden are often complex and may cause players to search for items based on a picture or word to describe the item. These games often contain elements of mystery, romance, horror, or fantasy. Additionally, there are often point-and-click games with unique 2D art.

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There are many hidden object games on Steam, and several of them are part of a series. While entire collections can be great, some titles end up being more popular than others. Whether part of a series or a standalone title, hidden object games give players the same fun as Where is Waldo? in an adult format and with more items to find.

8 Legends of Space: To the Edge of the Universe

Legends of Space: To the Edge of the Universe is about a sci-fi adventure on another planet at the end of the universe. The player must use their game log and clues to save everyone and escape before everything is destroyed by a comet.

In this galactic game, players can do everything from repair emergency ships and deal with bad weather, to healing a princess and trying to avoid being sent to prison. There are a variety of locations to explore with different detailed scenes. The game includes puzzles, mini-games and awesome hidden object scenes.

seven Hidden through time

In Hidden through time, players go through the four great eras at different levels. Levels include Stone Age with dinosaur eggs, medieval times with crowns, and more. Players enjoy uncovering secrets while exploring world history.

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This colorful game includes enigmatic clues and cute hand-drawn objects to discover. Players can even create and share their own worlds using the map editor.

6 100 hidden frogs

100 hidden frogs is one of the games 100 Hidden games by Anatoliy Loginovskikh. This is a free game that takes place in a magical forest full of frogs. Players must take a close look at the black and white landscapes of several levels.

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The hand-drawn and cartoon art style adds to the uniqueness of this game and makes it look like a coloring book. This is accentuated when found frogs become the only color on screen.

5 Enigmatis: Ghosts of Maple Creek

Enigmatis: Ghosts of Maple Creek is the first game of the Enigmatis collection. The plot centers on a character whose body remembers events that his mind does not remember. Players must not save themselves from a lurking evil, but also find a missing teenage girl. The story is immersive, with many layers to keep players adventuring for hours.

This game features rural Vermont in the fall. In addition to hidden objects, players must solve puzzles, riddles, collect evidence, etc.

4 Labyrinth City: Peter the Labyrinth Detective

Labyrinth City: Peter the Labyrinth Detective is named after the best-selling children’s book series “Pierre The Maze Detective”. Pierre must solve puzzles to retrieve a magic maze stone stolen by the evil Mr. X and save Opera City. Players traverse literal works of art, venturing into colorful and detailed worlds.

Players take on the role of a detective with all levels tied to an overarching narrative like that of a novel. The game features hilarious and quirky characters, hand-drawn illustrations, and over 100 hidden items and trophies. There are items to find, interesting puzzles, and plenty of mini-games to play.

3 Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride

Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride is the first game of the Sinister Legends series. The game takes place in the dark village of Ravenbrook, near an eerie ancient forest. In the midst of a wedding, a stranger appears in town and an adventure filled with dark secrets begins. The abandoned bride features such as spooky forests, forbidden temples, and abandoned temples.

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The game has several hidden objects hidden in hand painted scenes. Players can interact with a variety of characters, collect forest spirits, and learn the history of local legend with The Book of Elusive Objects. Additionally, players get a cat companion to join their journey.

2 Eventide: Slavic Fable

Evening: Slavic fable is the first game of the Evening collection and is based on Slavic mythology. Players control a famous botanist who must save an endangered plant in Heritage Park. The plot becomes more sinister when the villainous Boruta captures the player’s grandmother and plans to use the park’s ancient magic to destroy the world.

The park is full of mythical Slavic creatures with which the character must make an alliance if he wants to save the world and solve the mystery of the fern flower. The game features tons of diverse and mysterious locations which allow the player to explore an ancient and mythical world through hidden objects.

1 hidden people

hidden people is a casual indie game with drawings of objects for players to find in scenes. There are tons of hand drawn mini landscapes with interactive elements in this point and click game. Players can cut through plants, open tents, sting animals like crocodiles, and more.

The games feature tons of original sounds and unique interactions. Three different color modes include normal black and white, sepia and night mode.

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