3Doodler’s mobile app is like a coloring book for 3D printing


3Doodler is finally launching a mobile app, and it will come with step-by-step instructions that you can follow to perfect your 3D printing skills. The company will also be rolling out a new project every week to give you something new to work on after you’ve already gone through all the tutorials (more than 10, according to the company) featured at launch. But the best thing the app has to offer if you really can’t use your 3D printing pen properly even after a lot of practice is stencils. You don’t even have to print the stencils: you can literally draw with a 3Doodler right to your mobile device while following the patterns on the screen – much like a paint-by-number coloring book.

In addition to the mobile app, the company also announced new kits and the availability of EDU Learning Packs from various retailers, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Best Buy, ahead of the New York Toy Fair. The new $25 Robosumo Activity Kit includes an activity guide and motors for the mini sumo battlebots, while the $20 Alphadood Character Kit will make it easier to create action figures for animation in stop motion. 3Doodler also announced two new Create+ pen sets that bundle various accessories.

Company leader Daniel Cowen said 3Doodler’s goal is “to become as ubiquitous as a Crayola or a LEGO in terms of being synonymous with creativity and early development.” He also said that 3Doodler will focus even more on education in the future to achieve this goal:

“Our mission is to inspire and empower everyone to create, and we firmly believe that education is the right vehicle for that mission. We have already seen countless examples of how 3Doodler can positively impact a classroom, and we have now begun to structure our business to meet this demand.”

3Doodler plans to launch its mobile app for Android and iOS devices in the first quarter of 2019, so we’ll likely see it in the platform’s app stores very soon.

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