20 exciting mystery games for kids of all ages


Mystery games are a fantastic way to develop deductive reasoning and problem solving skills while encouraging cooperation, organizational skills and communication skills.

This collection of exciting murder mysteries, escape challenges and popular board games are sure to become a welcome addition to any family game night!

1. Mystery Detective Party Game

This mystery style game is not based on murder but on the premise of a thief who has stolen party items. Kids are sure to have fun discovering the real culprit among the five suspects.

Age group: Primary, College

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2. Find the secret message printable puzzle game


This printable puzzle game challenges kids to unscramble a sentence and write it in the correct order to claim their hidden prize.

Age Group: Elementary

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3. Interactive Mystery Series


This series of printable, interactive mysteries guides children on a hunt for clues around the house. Each kit includes coloring pages, activities and games to entertain players while developing critical thinking skills.

Age group: Primary, College

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4. Detective theme


This illustrated detective game contains ten clues that players must solve to catch the real culprit. It includes colorful item cards containing suspicious files, certificates, and even a detective’s notebook.

Age group: Primary, College

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5. Cooperative detective game


This thrilling mystery game combines decisive reasoning and visual perception skills to solve the detective’s fingerprint puzzle.

Age group: Primary, College

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Kids love pretending to be a real Sherlock Holmes while spying on people and completing top secret missions. This tough challenge is sure to test their budding critical thinking skills!

Age group: Primary, College

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7. Classic Murder Mystery Board Game


No list of mystery games would be complete without Index, the original murder mystery board game that’s been a family favorite for decades. With six game markers, various weapons, and challenge cards, this is the perfect game for older students to develop deductive reasoning skills.

Age group: Primary, College, High School

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8. Mystery games for rainy days


This mysterious rainy day activity includes secret messages, fingerprint analysis, logic puzzles and a fun invisible message to decipher.

Age Group: Elementary

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9. Mystery at the Lux Museum


Kids will love solving the clues in this escape room-inspired mystery game. Mystery at the Lux Museum. Featuring a full-color game board, tricky challenges and a series of secret messages, it’s also a great game idea for a birthday party.

Age group: Primary, College

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10. Who murdered the Ginger Bread Man?


This fun game features a series of clues, detailed character descriptions and a detective checklist. It is sure to become a favorite addition to family game nights.

Age Group: Elementary

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11. Educational Escape Game


This escape game challenges kids to solve math problems to eliminate suspects and identify the real culprit. It’s a fun game that’s sure to keep kids busy for hours.

Age Group: Elementary

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12. Cat Crimes Logic Game for Kids


This award-winning cooperative mystery game challenges kids to solve increasingly difficult puzzles, making it a wonderful way to develop logical deduction and critical thinking skills.

Age group: Primary, College

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13. Make Your Own Holiday Escape Game


This DIY Escape Room guide shows you how to create your own set of challenging logic puzzles.

Age group: Primary, College

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This classic mystery game for 3-6 people challenges players to find Mr. X as he travels through the city of London.

Age group: Primary, College

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15. Top secret spy mission


In this fun spy game, kids are tasked with solving ten clues to recover their stolen candy from a group of thieves.

Age group: Primary, College

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16. Ancient Egypt Themed Mystery Game


This hands-on CSI-style game challenges children to examine archaeological and modern DNA evidence to solve the lingering mystery of King Tut’s death.

Age group: Primary, College, High School

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17. Easter Egg Math Mystery Pictures


This creative take on mystery pictures is a great way to introduce young learners to a hundreds chart while practicing number recognition.

Age group: preschool, primary

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18. Spy School Activities


Kids will love completing their training missions and earning their spy badges in this DIY secret spy school that can be run from the comfort of your home.

Age Group: Elementary

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19. Plan a Classroom Crime Scene


This crime scene classroom setup idea is an exciting way to teach students inference skills, which will also build their reading comprehension skills.

Age Group: Elementary

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This series of seven inventive missions featuring key boxes, invisible ink and a homemade laser maze is sure to keep kids captivated for hours.

Age Group: Elementary

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