10 Unpopular Opinions About Spider-Man PS4 Games, According To Reddit


For years Insomniac Games’ Spider Man came out and players are still finding fun new things to do with it. The game’s success was followed by the release of several DLCs, a remaster for the PS5, the announcement of a sequel, and most recently, plans to release the game on PC.

However, despite the game’s immense success and critical acclaim, there are some aspects of the game, good and bad, that gamers just don’t seem to completely agree on. These gamers have taken to Reddit to share these opinions even though most people disagree with them.

Stealth missions were really fun

Miles Morales in Spider-Man PS4

insomniacs Spider Man features a number of stealth missions that allow the player to sneak through various environments filled with bad guys as GMs or Miles. This might sound like fun on paper, but most gamers strongly disagree, believing that it takes the player away from the fun and freedom of being Spider-Man and takes them through a tedious linear mission.


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However, some players are actually quite fond of these missions, like Reddit user u/Sparrowsabre7 who “found them fun enough” to “go for the pure and basic mechanics” of classic stealth games. These missions aren’t too long either, so maybe players are just being a bit dramatic.

Gwen Stacy is set to appear in the sequel as Miles’ love interest

Miles Morales gives Spider-Gwen a rose

Gwen Stacy is one of Peter’s most pervasive love interests in Spider-Man lore, with Gwen’s death being a defining moment in Peter’s life and as such, fans wonder where she might be in. the Insomniac universe.

While most fans think Gwen could appear in the sequel as a potential love interest for Peter, Redditor u/Walo-888 explained that they would like “Gwen Stacy to appear as a love interest for Miles Morales.” This might be a controversial take for lifelong Peter Parker fans, but this relationship has already been explored somewhat in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and seeks to develop further in its aftermath.

MJ’s character is well written

Mary Jane reads a document in Spider-Man PS4

While Peter and MJ’s relationship provides a solid guiding thread in the game’s narrative, some believe that MJ herself could have been written a bit better. Throughout the game, MJ constantly gets herself into dangerous situations and is frustrated with Peter for asking her not to. Players think it’s pretty irrational for the character as she goes into the superhero business despite having no powers or fighting ability.

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Redditor u/Sparrowsabre7 on Reddit, however, believes her characterization makes sense because “she’s a journalist and mostly human. She’s flawed (and) a bit of an adrenaline junkie, so she inserts herself into dangerous situations because ‘She’s driven by a desire to prove herself.” Maybe players forget that the characters just wouldn’t be as interesting if they always chose the most logical option.

The amazing spider costume is more beautiful than the webbed costume

Costume of Sam Raimi in Spider-Man PS4

Raimi fans Spider Man the movies harassed Insomniac for months after releasing several DLC costumes that did not include the Spidey costume worn by Tobey Maguire. When they finally added the suit to the game (with the name “Webbed Suit”), fans were thrilled. There wasn’t as much appeal, however, for the costume from the first amazing spider man movie with many thinking the suit was too busy. However, a few die-hard ASM fans were still hoping for the look of the costume and finally got what they expected in the PS5 remaster of the game.

Even though most gamers still prefer the Webbed suit, Reddit user u/BigPaleontologist520 believes that “the amazing suit looks better than the webbed suit in the game”, possibly due to the darker and more realistic coloring of the Amazing combination compared to the Webbed combination. Ultimately, opinions on this can boil down to whether the player is more of a Maguire fan or a Garfield fan.

Screwball is a good villain

Screwball Spider-Man PS4

Screwball is one of many villains that feature in the game, and Spider-Man takes on various challenges for her livestream as she narrates the action. While these challenges are fun, his squeaky dialogue and squeaky voice have players dreading every dull encounter with this supervillain.

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However, Redditor u/Marlesden argues that “Screwball is a good villain and did exactly what she was created to do. Yes, she’s so annoying and yes, she’s so cringe but that’s exactly the point.” They go on to state that Spider-Man’s similar feelings of annoyance help immerse the player as they are “in the exact same frame of mind as Spidey” every time they play a Screwball mission. In that sense, she’s a great addition to the game.

Miles shouldn’t have become another Spider-Man

Spider-Man PS4 Miles Morales post-credits

The end of the first of Insomniac Spider Man The game saw Miles Morales get his own spider powers and led to the character having his own smaller spin-off game. This spin-off, coupled with its appearance in In the spider verse, made Miles an increasingly popular character. As such, he’s set to reappear alongside Peter in the next game, making it a tale of two Spider-Men.

Despite this, u/alienfrycook on Reddit argues that “Spider-Man is best when it comes to a story about Peter Parker, and balancing a second superhero with the same name completely undermines his character and creates a less focused narrative. and less interesting. Perhaps Redditor is being a bit preemptive here, as players have yet to discover any major narrative details of the sequel.

Peter has more chemistry with Black Cat than with MJ

Throughout the character’s history, Peter Parker has had a number of love interests, but none suit him better than MJ. The same can be said in the game’s narrative despite the appearance of Black Cat complicating matters.

Reddit user u/NXS_Vertex, however, believes that “Felicia and Peter have a lot more chemistry than MJ and Peter” and would “honestly like to see a relationship with Peter and Felicia.” There’s no denying that their status as vigilantes with different morals creates an interesting dynamic between the two. Perhaps this will be explored further in the sequel.

The Stark suit is overrated

Spider-Man PS4 Stark Suit

insomniacs Spider Man allows the player to choose from a whole wardrobe of looks from the character’s history, including costumes worn by Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in the MCU. The Stark suit (the one Spidey wears in Spider-Man: Homecoming) is usually a must-have for gamers because it’s basically the classic Spider-Man look with a modern aesthetic.

One Redditor in particular disagrees with the appeal of the Stark suit, feeling that “the Stark suit is overrated and just not suitable for a grown-up Spider-Man.” It’s an understandable take because the suit’s segmented design was an intentional choice made to make Spider-Man feel more childish and less experienced in his first MCU outing. However, that doesn’t make as much sense to the more experienced Peter Parker seen in the game.

Web-Swinging is too basic

Spider-Man swings into PS4 game

Much of the game’s appeal comes from its “great set of web-switching mechanicswith IGN stating that “swinging is, quite simply, spectacular”. The freedom and fluidity of the game’s web browsing has truly become its defining feature, with players finding themselves blown away by simply swinging through an open world in New York City.

Conversely, Reddit user u/Sharkary thinks “web-swinging needs to be a bit more dynamic and complex”, going on to explain that “there should be more of a skill gap” that allows the both basic and advanced web-swing. swinging. While the game’s web-swinging is fun, it’s ridiculously easy to master, so it’s understandable that players would like to see a bit of skill required for a more rewarding experience.

Boss fights are terrible

Spider Man features many members of the character’s rogues gallery appearing in epic, cinematic boss battles that push the game’s narrative forward. They are usually quite difficult and require the player to think hard to avoid powerful attacks and break through strong defenses.

Despite this, some players feel that these boss fights are uninspired and repetitive with Redditor y/JohnnyJohnson298 expressing that “all boss fights are just the enemy, hit them a few times, maybe dodge an attack here and there, maybe throw an object at them instead of tying them up, repeat.” Perhaps Insomniac learned from this, and players will see more varied and engaging boss fights in the sequel.

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