10 Best PS5 Games Under $20


If there’s one thing console gamers are used to by now, it’s that new video games can be prohibitively expensive. Especially when it comes to the PS5, almost everything seems expensive. However, we’ve put together a list of the best PS5 games under $20 that actually offer hours of gameplay for way less than most other games. Turns out you don’t need to break the bank to get an awesome new game for your PS5.

A lower cost alone does not mean a lower quality game. In fact, the games on this list are chosen specifically because they offer a great gaming experience at an affordable price, and not just because they’re cheap. If you only have $20 to spend and fancy something like an addictive puzzle game, a spooky platformer, or an RPG with a sense of humor, look no further than this list of games. best PS5 games under $20 on PlayStation Store.

The best PS5 games under $20

10. Catlateral Damage: Remeowstered

Remeowstered Catlateral Damage

Developer: Manekoware, fire hose games
Editor: Manekoware
Price: $14.99

Catlateral Damage: Remeowstered is the remastered version of everyone’s favorite goofy first-person cat simulator.

Like a house cat, your objective in Catlateral Damage is to destroy your owner’s house and everything in it. But there’s even more to it, with new objectives, hidden objects and bonus environments to destroy. What other game will allow you to realize your feline dream of untangling a whole roll of toilet paper?

Catlateral Damage isn’t perfect, but if you love cats and are looking for a silly game to get addicted to, it’s definitely worth checking out. This crazy game is easily worth the small price as it’s just fun to play and can even relieve stress.

9. Hoa

Hoa game
Hoa game

Developer: Skrollcat Studio
Editor: PM Studios, Inc.
Price: $14.99

Hoa is a beautifully whimsical puzzle platformer that will almost make you smile with charming characters and a nostalgic, piano-heavy soundtrack. Hoa’s environment is entirely hand-painted and it seems to be seriously influenced by Studio Ghibli movies with its peaceful yet lively little worlds.

During your journey, you make friends who are usually willing to help you in some way, even if it’s just to tell you a sweet story. Hoa is one of the chilliest and happiest platformers out there, and worth every penny, it definitely belongs on this list of the best PS5 games under $20.

8. Dismantling


Developer: 10tons ltd
Editor: 10tons ltd
Price: $19.99

If you’re looking for an open-world survival PS5 game you can totally lose yourself in, Dysmantle is a stellar budget option. It takes place after the apocalypse has forced the survivors into underground shelters. You emerge from your island hideaway to find you are alone in the world, living among mutated beasts. The real fun begins when you realize you have to escape the island and you only have a crowbar in your hand.

As the title of the game suggests, just about everything on the island can be broken down and used in other ways to help you survive. The more powerful your weapon, the more supplies you can gather, and ultimately, the more items you can craft.

Dysmantle offers an exciting open-world environment that anyone who enjoys survival crafting games will find absolutely worth the $20.

7. A Juggler’s Tale

A Juggler's Tale
A Juggler’s Tale

Developer: kaleidoscube
Editor: Mixtvision
Price: $17.99

In the puzzle-platformer A Juggler’s Tale, you play as a faceless string puppet who travels through a hauntingly beautiful and hostile world. Clearly drawing inspiration from other 2D platformers like Limbo and Little Nightmares, the gameplay in A Juggler’s Tale uses the idea of ​​childhood innocence and helplessness to truly scare you. And the story is just as dark.

The main character. Abby the puppet, has long been held captive as a forced circus performer, but she has finally broken free from her captivity and is thrust into a strange medieval world. Who can Abby really trust? And are her ropes there to lift her up or to hold her back?

A Juggler’s Tale features immersive gameplay wrapped in an unforgettable story, and no list of the best PS5 games under $20 would be complete without it.

6. Sheep


Developer: Kyle Thompson
Editor: Kyle Thompson
Price: $10.99

Sheepo is a Metroidvania platformer that brings something very unique and original to the genre. For starters, the premise of the game’s bizarre story is that you’re a sheep heading out on your first day of work to save the galaxies and the creatures that inhabit them. But what makes Sheepo one of the best PS5 games under $20 is its seamless pace and intuitive design.

Sheepo is never frustrating at any point in the four hours it takes to beat. The game gives you the bonuses you need exactly when you need them so you get the right amount of challenges. It’s rare that a Metroidvania can look like a floating dream sequence as well, but Sheepo pulls it off.

If you’re looking for a quicker introduction to the genre at a reasonable price, you need to check out Sheepo.

5. Call of the Sea

call of the sea
call of the sea

Developer: out of the blue
Editor: raw fury
Price: $19.99

Another HP Lovecraft-inspired game, Call of the Sea subverts the typical narrative associated with the Lovecraftian to go in the opposite direction with its story.

When main character Norah stumbles upon a beautiful but empty island in the South Pacific, her endless search to find her missing husband takes an unexpected turn. Norah’s time on the desert island becomes more of a search for herself, as she unravels the mysteries of her past.

When it comes to the best PS5 games under $20, Call of the Sea seems like a bargain, as the six hours it takes to complete this game is like taking a journey of self-discovery. Similar to other first-person exploratory puzzle games like The Witness or Firewatch, Call of the Sea features cleverly designed puzzles and will keep you guessing until the very end.

4. Dark Side Detective

dark side detective
dark side detective

Developer: scary door
Editor: Akupara Games
Price: $12.99

Set in the fictional town of Twin Lakes, The Darkside Detective is a point-and-click adventure that clearly draws inspiration from the horror and sci-fi genres, with a heavy dose of satire.

Detective Francis McQueen and his partner, Dooley, are tasked with investigating the city’s most suspicious or inexplicable cases. These cases get wackier and sillier as the game progresses, ranging from a simple case of a missing child to a mall Santa turned Krampus.

The banter between McQueen and Dooley is so hilarious that the game goes by way too fast. It’s made up of nine short cases that are all relatively easy to solve and each as witty as the last. For a non-serious game that’s definitely worth the $12.99 price tag, try The Darkside Detective for the most laughs under $20.

3. The pedestrian

The pedestrian game
The pedestrian game

Developer: Arts Skookum
Editor: Arts Skookum
Price: $19.99

Pedestrian is a puzzle player’s dream. It takes a simple puzzle mechanic and makes it blossom into something like we haven’t seen on the PS5 before. And with the right amount of challenges, it’s almost impossible to stop playing once you start.

The main character, of course, is a pedestrian. But this particular pedestrian is a 2D stick figure who is trapped inside signs and can only escape with your help. The pedestrian’s art style is realistic yet quirky, giving it a very Pixar-like quality, and it looks completely magical on the PS5.

The puzzles are scattered all over the city, through traffic signs, construction signs, warning signs and everything in between. It’s number three in the best PS5 games under $20, because just when you think you get the hang of it, The Pedestrian adds a new mechanic that leaves you stumped again.

2. Chicory: a colorful tale


Developer: Greg Lobanov, Alexis Dean-Jones, Lena Raine, Madeline Berger, A Shell in the Pit
Editor: Finji
Length: $19.99

It might sound corny, but Chicory: A Colorful Tale lets you bring a coloring book world to life with kindness, creativity, and friendship.

When renowned artist Chicory, who brings color to the world, disappears with all the color, you have the chance to pick up his giant paintbrush. Playing as a dog named after your favorite food, you embark on a journey in search of Chicory in the new black and white world.

$19.99 is a small price to pay for the hours of fun you get from Chicory, solo or co-op. It will make you both laugh and admire the adorable animals that live in the village and need your help. Chicory is one of the most heartwarming games available on the PS5 and even better when played with a friend. And honestly, that’s just what we needed right now.

1. Death’s Gate

The gate of death
The gate of death

Developer: acid nerve
Editor: Digital devolve
Price: $19.99

The top spot on this list of the best PS5 games under $20 goes to hack-and-slash adventure RPG Death’s Door. This game is an absolute indie gem that honors the likes of Dark Souls and Legend of Zelda in many ways while putting its own charming spin on things like the characters, combat, and soundtrack.

Giving you around 12 hours of challenging and magical gameplay, Death’s Door is more than worth the $20 price tag. Death’s Door isn’t just a great affordable game choice, it’s one of the best PS5 games of 2021.

In Death’s Door, you play as a cute little crow who essentially works as a corporate reaper, hopping from world to world to enforce the death process. It gets interesting when you add in the fact that Reapers become temporarily deadly when transported to another world. What follows is a rewarding journey full of high-stakes battles and thrilling exploration you won’t soon forget.

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