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More of the TPT you know and love — without paying out-of-pocket! TPT School Access is a school-wide subscription that brings access to millions of TPT resources and our interactive learning tool to your fingertips.

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Get the resources you need to reach every student

Gain essential support

With access to millions of teacher-trusted resources, you can feel empowered to meet the needs of every learner — without paying out-of-pocket.

Deepen student learning

Our interactive learning tool, Easel by TPT, supports your ability to differentiate activities, give timely feedback, and monitor student progress in real-time.

Save valuable time

Our resources have been developed by teachers with a first-hand understanding of today’s instructional challenges, saving you time as plan instruction.

Here's what your school gets with TPT School Access

Get the essential support you need for today's classroom challenges.

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Easel by TpT

Enrich and enhance instruction with our interactive learning tool

What you'll love about Easel by TPT:

  • Gain real-time insight into student progress with auto-graded activities and assessments.

  • Save time with ready-to-go, standards-aligned activities.

  • Differentiate assignments to students' skill levels or learning modalities with easy-to-use editing tools.

  • Integrations with Google Classroom and Canvas provide easy support for interactive learning.


No matter where or how you deliver instruction, TPT School Access is here to support you.

  • 89% of teachers say TPT School Access saves them time (an average of three hours/week).*

  • 96% of teachers say their students are more engaged while using TPT materials compared with other materials.**

  • TPT School Access teachers are more likely to feel a positive connection with their school and less likely to consider a job change this year.**

Millions of teachers and administrators turn to TPT. Here’s what they're saying:

Teacher in classroom
Teacher in classroom
Teacher in classroom
Teacher in classroom

Frequently Asked Questions

TPT School Access is a school-wide subscription that provides the essential support teachers need to prepare engaging lessons, fill core curriculum gaps, and meet each student's unique needs.

TPT School Access is a school-wide subscription from TPT that is funded by schools and districts. TPT School Access gives teachers the essential support they need without paying out-of-pocket.  The Teachers Pay Teachers website offers à la carte purchasing only.

TPT School Access offers printable and interactive resources across all subjects and grades. TPT School Access comes with two content catalogs to meet all your instructional needs:

  • The Flex Catalog contains 8,000+ highly-rated, standards-aligned PreK-12 resources from the TPT marketplace. Teachers will get uncapped access to resources in the Flex Catalog throughout the duration of the subscription.

  • The School Access Catalog contains nearly 5M PreK-12 resources from the TPT marketplace that include all core subjects and other content areas, such as social-emotional learning, STEM/STEAM, project-based learning, and many more. Teachers can access these using resource licenses. 

* All resources are priced at $15 or under on Teachers Pay Teachers. 

When you refer your administrator, we'll send them an email with more information on TPT School Access and a calendar to schedule a chat with one of our School Specialists.

If your administrator feels TPT School Access is the right fit for your school, we can get your team started right away!

* Source: May 2020 survey of over 9,500 teachers using TPT School Access.

** Source: February 2022 survey of over 2,000 teachers using TPT and TPT School Access.